Born in Ethiopia, Mentwab Easwaran, better known as Mentu, displayed an innate talent for art from a young age. At just 17, she designed 28 beautiful and vibrant pillow covers with biblical themes, raising funds for a humanitarian nonprofit. Despite growing up in a society that did not appreciate or value art, Mentu's passion was ignited by the encouragement and support of those closest to her. She dared to dream big and, against all odds, made her way to America and was accepted into the prestigious Parsons School of Design, where she honed her craft and earned a Communications Design degree.

With over two decades of experience and a long list of achievements, Mentu has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of visual design. She is now on a mission to bring her unique art to the masses through her private ventures, offering functional and affordable products that showcase the beauty and diversity of Africa and its people.

Mentu started out with a collection of mugs that are designed to evoke feelings of joy and serenity in those who use them. Inspired by the lack of creativity she saw in everyday coffee mugs, Mentu put her expertise to work, creating designs that not only lift the spirit but also tell the stories and preserve the cultural heritage of Ethiopia. Each mug comes with a note that provides meaning and context to the featured artwork, making Coobaya not just a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but a piece of art and a story worth sharing.

Today Mentu's work has spread to different products. She is creating different African patterns and artworks for apparels and wall arts.

Mentwab, who means "Reflection of Beauty," is living up to her name and spreading joy and serenity one Coobaya at a time. With every sip you take from a Coobaya mug, you're not just enjoying a hot beverage, you're also savoring the talent and vision of a true artist.




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