Located in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington DC, we have a diverse group of clients primarily located in DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. Coobaya is a SBA certified Minority-owned creative communications company founded in 2020. 

We’ve got you covered with all aspects of traditional and digital designs. We provide the following services:

  • Advertising and Marketing: We can help you design ads for placement on kiosks in subways, on buses in major cities and in major magazines that captivate audience and communicate your message. 
  • Corporate Mugs: Ever wonder what your mug looks like if it was actually talking about your vision, mission or values? We create custom designs and visuals that are appealing and at the same time meaningful to your brand.
  • Branding, Logo Design and Style Guides:  We provide the means to translate your brand to a variety of media in the form of a publication. We work with clients to create all the design needed for both print collateral, video and web design to build their brands. We also create brand story-telling design which can be placed on products such as apparel and mugs. 

  • Environmental Design: We design displays for exhibit, signage, trade show booths and banners. we create a memorable experience for your brand.
  • Responsive Web Design:  We are experience in creating different program apps for the government. We provide High/Low fidelity prototypes and responsive wireframes including html/css/js package for your needs.


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